Optimizing Adaptation and Performance

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Optimizing Adaptation & Performance

Impart greater results to your athletes by studying the handiest strategies to integrate energy and conditioning, sports science, and superior nutrition into a complete program!

The discipline of sport efficiency is like a flash evolving.

      • The significance of energy and conditioning is extra effectively-known and liked than ever sooner than.
      • There is extra utilized sports analysis being printed than ever sooner than.
      • There are extra alternatives to work in the discipline than ever sooner than.

This is an extremely thrilling time to work in sports efficiency.

Nonetheless with this advise comes a lot of challenges.

There is extra substitute, nonetheless greatly extra accountability.

Extra recognition, nonetheless greatly extra tension.

Extra accessible knowledge, nonetheless much less readability.

Strength and Conditioning Coaches aren’t stunning accountable for hanging together a right training program. Now you’re expected to:

  • Mark movement assessments and how they voice to hurt possibility and sport efficiency
  • Originate special capabilities to recondition athletes getting greater from hurt or surgical treatment
  • Integrate technology to notice workloads and recovery
  • Analyze knowledge for meaningful insight, and form studies to effectively advise with athletes, coaches, and administration
  • Educate athletes on stunning sleep habits and the penalties of suboptimal sleep
  • Make nutrition and supplementation strategies to facilitate improved effectively being, efficiency, and recovery

And while some S&C coaches are lucky to work interior a complete efficiency team alongside rehab mavens, nutritionists, and sports scientists, most ought to not.

And even of us that attain are expected to know enough in regards to the opposite fields to advise seamlessly.

Merely, energy and conditioning coaches are spread thinner than ever, and expected to know extra than ever.

And because the volume of knowledge at some stage in the discipline continues to grow, it becomes extra troublesome and additional troublesome to filter out the noise to search out out what of direction works.

This is precisely why we assign apart together the Optimizing Adaptation & Performance seminar…

Three of the handiest mavens in the alternate, spending 8+ hours talking about handiest practices and staunch-world scenarios. It’s a no brainer to pick out this up.

They’ve done the work to fetch my job more uncomplicated.

The talks about optimizing in-season training had been extremely purposeful.

The work that James is doing is groundbreaking.

Devan McConnell

Optimizing Adaptation and Performance with Mike Potenza, Kevin Neeld, and James Lavalle change into once a terribly unfamiliar journey, combining the journey of two Strength and Conditioning Coaches working in educated sports, with one amongst the sphere’s most most indispensable consultants in nutrition and supplementation strategies to optimize human efficiency. The seminar covered all the pieces from program form to sports science to superior nutrition strategies. I couldn’t recommend this useful resource to any extent additional extremely.

Devan McConnell
Head of Hockey Performance & Sport Science, UMass Lowell Men’s Ice Hockey

Sarah Cahill

The Optimizing Adaptation and Performance seminar change into once a whimsical substitute to learn with one of the predominant handiest practitioners in the discipline. I of direction enjoyed the combination of up up to now analysis and good utility. I took away a lot of tangible strategies to proper now enforce with my clients.

Sarah Cahill
Broken-down S&C Coach, USA Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Group

Optimizing Adaptation and Performance will present you with a complete model of athlete efficiency, including the overview and evaluation instruments, to boot to programming, recovery, nutrition and supplementation strategies to handiest relieve the person desires of on the present time’s athlete.

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