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We fully assign! That is precisely how we felt earlier than we started utilizing them about a years within the past, worship you, we were “brainwashed” into thinking: to neat your dresses = you desire to utilize laundry detergent.

Real? WRONG.

We can fortunately assert that we have not sold laundry detergent since August of 09′. Crazy as it sounds, it be honest!

Here is the accurate science unhurried how it truly works: So, detergent corporations would like to fetch you ever be pleased that it be the chemicals in water that neat your laundry. Nonetheless, *right here’s truly now now not honest*.

We in most cases don’t focus on it… it be truly WATER that cleans your dresses, water is the strongest ingredient on earth. What did folk neat with earlier than cleansing soap even existed? Water.

Detergent by myself is now now not going to neat your dresses…. you desire to add water.

Attributable to what detergents and cleansing soap does is it fully adjustments the flooring stress of the water and helps the water molecules turn into extra wise and spaced out and slippery to tug the grime and grime off soiled dresses. That is why cleansing soap and detergent has that “slippery/oily” truly feel.

This direction of is called chemical saponification.

The facet-results are, for certain, the full toxic chemicals outdated all the intention thru.

Now what our modern discovery does is the actual same thing, with the exception of by utilizing magnetism. The water molecule is already a extremely magnetic molecule with a undeniable and destructive price. When the water rotates with the specifically designed magnets, the flooring stress of the water adjustments, and the water starts cleansing extra effectively, wonderful worship with detergent. Basic science, don’t you wonderful cherish it!

You fetch the cleansing vitality of detergent, without detergent! And all you cease is achieve the two magnetic balls into your washer machine (on opposite facets of every various) and also that that it is seemingly you’ll presumably be done, that that it is seemingly you’ll delivery washing detergent free!

That is it, so straightforward… and it WORKS!

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