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W Body Suspension Upgrades

ht coil-over kit stage 1

    Available exclusively from HT Motorsports, Coil-overs are the best way to lower your W-body vehicle while increasing the handling and control. Our kit is a great way to add coil-overs to your GM W-body vehicle while keeping your existing struts. Everything is included to complete the assembly. The conversion can easily be accomplished with ordinary hand tools, average skill and a careful eye. When complete, the suspension will be adjustable for ride height and balance and give the added flexibility of spring rate variety. Adjustable ride height allows you to lower your W-body vehicle 2+ inches from the factory ride height without a loss of suspension performance. Additional drop is possible for that slammed look with the proper attention to tire and fender well clearances. Front and rear Coil-overs are available separately or together at a discounted price. The front Coil-over kit is shown on the right.

Stage 1 Coil-over Kit - Fronts Only
Stage 1 Coil-over Kit - Rears Only
Stage 1 Coil-over Kit - Fronts and Rears Package
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