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Honda Lowered Rear Trailing Arms

The Original
Civic / CRX / Integra Trailing Arm!

     Weighing in at 2lbs less than the original, our complete replacement lowering trailing arm lowers the vehicle a full 1 1/2". You will enjoy the E-Z bolt-on installation and absolutely no unfavorable effects to the original Honda suspension geometry.

     No link changes or camber corrections are necessary. The original SUPER LINK is superior to all other lowering methods because it merely positions the wheel higher on the trailing arm, thereby lowering the vehicle. SUPER LINK
comes complete with urethane bushing and pivot shaft. Includes fully illustrated installation instructions.

-No Adverse Camber Gain
-No Premature Tire Wear
-No Negative Handling Side Effects
-No Alignment Difficulties

'88-'02 Civic
'94-'01 Integra

Please Call for Pricing

     If you are going to lower the rear of your Civic, CRX or Integra you need the SUPER LINK LOWERED REAR TRAILING ARM. When used in conjunction with our SUPER TRICK FRONT LOWERING SPINDLE your WHOLE CAR can be lowered 1 1/2 inches!

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