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Honda Lowering FAQ
  HT Motorsports is the only company around offering Lowering (Drop) Spindles and Trailing Arms for your Honda. The Best way to lower your Vehicle: retaining 100% factory ride quality.

Honda / Acura Suspension
Frequently Asked Questions

When purchasing your Super Trick Spidle or Slam Link, should you buy performance shocks and struts or will stock be sufficient?

Your stock shocks will work fine. Your after-market shocks will also work very well.

If I were to purchase your Super Link kit, would that pair lower my car 1.5 inches all around?

The SUPER LINK is for the rear of the car. Our Lowering Spindle is the complimentary piece for the front. They both will drop your car 1.5 inches.

I would like to find out if your Super Link Suspension works on an existing sport tuned springs (Eibach, Neuspeed).

Yes. The SUPER LINK will lower the rear of your car 1.5". If you have other lowering devices (lowering springs, coil-overs, drop arms, etc..) then you must add the 1.5" drop to what you already have. If your existing set-up is adjustable, you can dial it up or down to suit you. If it is not adjustable then you must either be willing to live with an additional 1.5" drop or be willing to replace your non-adjustable set-up with stock parts or adjustable parts. (For example: If you are using a drop arm and the drop is too severe, you can replace it with the original arm.) Our SUPER LINK will work with all lowering springs and coil-overs.

How strong and durable are they?

We design for racing use and so our products have to be very well made. Our engineers use standard race car technology and machining procedures in all product development.

What's under the powder coating?

It is a steel multi-tube fabrication. We use standard race car tubular fabrication technology.

What is negative camber?

Negative camber is inevitable when a car is lowered improperly and the factory suspension geometry has been altered. We're all familiar with the unsightly (and costly in tire wear) stance of a poorly lowered car with excessive negative camber. The wheels look something like this: / \ instead of like this: | | .

How different is your product from these other "Camber Kits"?

The SUPER LINK is NOT a camber kit! A camber kit is designed to correct the static camber setting allowing the alignment to be set to factory specifications. This is a "static" setting. It works great when the car is "static" (not moving) The dynamic effect of severely angled suspension components is not corrected by a camber kit. Severely angled suspension components create huge changes in camber angles when the suspension moves. This is called "camber gain". Severe camber gain reduces the tire contact patch area and reduces traction. This dynamic suspension condition is usually experienced while cornering hard when traction is most needed. The net result: Poor Cornering Ability. Maybe cornering hard isn't your style but consider this: Let's say your car is lowered 2 1/2 or 3". The alignment was undoubtedly set with the car empty. Now you have 3 overweight buddies cruising with you down the street. The vehicle weighs say, 800# more than it did empty. Your car could be riding as much as 3/4" lower than when the alignment was set. You have already generated some negative camber even before you hit a bump! Some of your tire contact patch along with its traction is already lost and the insides of your tires are wearing away with every single revolution they make. The SUPER LINK is superior to all other lowering methods because it merely positions the wheel higher on the trailing arm, thereby lowering the vehicle. Sweet. Simple.

Is it Adjustable? How many degrees?

No. Add coil-overs or other adjustable links for adjustability.

Installation: Do we need the car lifted or hydraulic jacks & stands are fine?

A hydraulic jack and stands are fine. It is a simple nuts and bolts installation.

When you said: "no camber changes", is that assuming from stock, zero degrees?

No camber changes means this component does not induce any camber changes and preserves the factory suspension geometry. It works exactly the same as the stock trailing arm except it lowers the rear end 1.5 inches.

Are you planning on making a bolt on Super Link for Honda Accords in the NEAR future?

YES- A similar system to lower the Accord without trashing the geometry is in the works.

You claim that the Super Link will have no negative effect on original Honda suspension geometry. Well, that's all well and good if you have the stock 14" rims and tires on, but who does? I mean, I'm putting 19" rims on my car, so the camber is STILL going to change. After all, if the part is based on stock geometry, and the stock rim and tire play a part in that equation, by changing one variable in the calculation (rim and tire size) shouldn't that change the solution?

It wouldn't matter if there were roller-skate wheels or wagon wheels on your Honda, they would have no effect on camber. The important dimension is the outside diameter of the wheel, not the rim size. The outside diameter changes very little when we go up to 17" rims. The aspect ratio of the tire changes to keep the OD similar to the original.
Example: 185 / 75 R14 ( 185 mm wide X aspect ratio 75% = side wall height = 138.75 mm) 2 X side wall height = 277.5 mm or 10.93 inches + 14" (rim diameter) = 24.93" OD.
205 / 40 ZR 17 (205 mm wide X 40% = 82 mm side wall X 2 = 164 mm or 6.46" + 17" = 23.46" OD.
These two tires have been seen on Honda Civics and as you can see the 17" wheel actually carries a tire with an outside diameter (OD) smaller than the original 14" rim. SO we are not really changing the equation in this case. If we did change the equation by increasing the tire OD it would have no effect on the camber angle of the tire anyway, the only thing that will change is the roll center height.

I'm inquiring about the Super Link and the Super Trick Steering Knuckle for application on a- 99' Civic SI. Will lowering a vehicle in this manner give you the same positive affects (ie: better cornering) as with other methods of lowering? Will the clearance on the struts be a problem, making your ride obsolete? Even a set of springs and camber kit are less than $500.00...

Using our products to lower your car will give you the same positive affects only more so. There will be no clearance problems on the struts. As for the relative cost of our products compared to other lowering techniques, it just comes down to whether you want to do it RIGHT or not. You could lower your car by taking a torch to your existing springs almost for free! But would you?

I have lowered my car about 2 1/2". I've noticed that my tires are extremely worn in the inside about an inch from the sidewall...My camber is only off by about -1 degree. I have rotated them twice and have had 2 alignments in the past year. Your control arm system sounds very interesting, and extremely unique. Will your Super Link help me?

Yes! Even though your static alignment setting shows only 1 degree of negative camber, the gain in negative camber as the suspension moves is far greater than if you hadn't lowered the car. Lowering the car with short springs or coil-overs, etc. changes the control arm angles and creates the condition you are now experiencing. The SUPER LINK is unique only in the Import Marketplace. Racers have been lowering their cars with this technology for years.

I am very interested in the Super Link. I have put a 2- 2.5 inch drop to my 96 Integra GS-R, now I have Koni adjustable shocks and Neuspeed springs and front and rear sway bars. I do know that my cambers are f***ed and my brand new Nitto nt450's are going to be shot if I don't fix the alignment or cambers or something. I want to do my alignment, but will this help when my wheels are angled out? Do I need the trailing arms that will drop my car an additional 2-in? Or do I need a camber kit. or.....??????

You should be able to adjust your coil-overs back up to standard and use the SUPER LINK to drop the car, eliminating your alignment and camber problems and save your Nittos.