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Honda Front Lowering Spindles

Civic / CRX / Integra Front Lowering Spindle!

     This is a special front spindle designed to lower the front of the vehicle by 1 1/2" without changing any of the control arm angles relative to the vehicle chassis. This is the industry-approved method of suspension lowering as it does not alter the manufacturer's geometry design.

     In automotive circles the word spindle is used to describe an assembly which consists of a spindle, an upright member (which separates the upper and lower ball joints), a steering arm and a variety of brackets for mounting brake components etc. The actual spindle is the shaft about which the wheel rotates. On a "lowering spindle assembly", the shaft is raised in relation to the upright member, thereby having the effect of lowering the vehicle relative to the wheel.

     When installing the SUPER TRICK Lowering Spindle Kit, no other changes are required. Because it does not modify the original factory geometry, no camber kits are necessary, no camber problems result, no induced bump-steer and no adverse camber gain.

'88-'91 Civic
92-'02 Civic
'94-'01 Civic with 10.3" Rotor
'94-'01 Integra

Please Call for Pricing

     A minimum of 15" wheels are required. Maximum wheel back side spacing is 143mm (5 5/8"). The back side spacing is measured from the wheel mounting surface to the innermost edge of the wheel rim. The dimensions above INCLUDE the tire bulge, if any.

Wheel size examples to be used as a rough guide:
7" wide with up to 41mm positive off-set
7.5" wide with up to 35mm positive off-set
8" wide with up to 28mm positive off-set

     HT Motorsports will not be held responsible for improper wheel fit. The combination of wheel rim off-set and width will directly affect the tire/ fender clearance. Please keep this in mind when ordering our steering knuckles to fit with your existing wheels or if ordering new wheels to fit with our steering knuckles.

     If you are going to lower the front of your Civic, CRX or Integra you need the SUPER TRICK FRONT LOWERING SPINDLE. When used in conjunction with our SUPER LINK LOWERED REAR TRAILING ARM your WHOLE CAR can be lowered 1 1/2 inches!

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