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 KitCar Suspension Options

Kit cars using the Fiero Chassis typically require a wide track suspension.  Although you can use spacers or wheel offsets this is not a solution to the problem.  This causes premature wear, vibration and is dangerous.  At HT we recognized this problem only to developed the best solution available to the market.  Not only have we a solution but we also offer a wide selection of Brake upgrades,  suspension and the first bump steer correction for the 84-87 Fiero's.

For those of you building Fiero based kit cars, we've packaged our suspension and brake products to ease your selection of components and to assure that the components you purchase will be matched for optimal performance. Click on the type of Fiero based kit car you are building for a detailed list of suspension and brake products suited for that vehicle. We are by no means limited to the following list... Let us know your suspension and brake needs and we will accommodate you. Utilizing our Brake kits is limited only by the wheel diameter. All of our brake kits will work with along with any of the kit packages above.