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There are many good reasons for selecting tubular control arms. All of our control arms and suspension links are constructed from high strength round tubing and a variety of light plate steels. The various sub-components are hand fitted in production jigs and fixtures and expertly welded to produce high quality, durable components of consistent accuracy.
Our tubular control arms are extremely stiff, showing no noticeable signs of distortion under loads similar to those resulting from 1g. plus turns. All pivot points are bushed in resilient polyurethane and the installation of grease fittings makes for easy lubrication and the elimination of the usual urethane squeaking. While the designs are stiff and resistant to distortion, they will collapse on impact, absorbing more energy than the Fiero factory parts.
Rear links are available with spherical bearing pivot points. These offer zero distortion at the pivot point with a slight decrease in ride comfort, a consideration for those engaged in serious competition. Unless otherwise stated, all control arms and links are finished in black powder coat, a durable coating that insures many years of corrosion free service. If you have a preference for a coating other than black, we can accommodate your needs -- there are many colors available. When ordering special colors, be ready for a slightly longer delivery time and possibly an increase in cost.