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The shock absorber is a vital component of the suspension system as it controls body roll and suspension throughout its travel. For anyone wishing to upgrade from the standard shocks found in the suspension packages in this catalog, we recommend QA1 shocks.
The 12 different dampening settings on the QA1 shock offer you the adjustability needed to get around the most difficult turns whether on the street or track. The superior dampening control assembly is second to none. Both bump and rebound can be adjusted at the same time. Extensive dyno testing, using all of the most popular shocks on the market today, has proven QA1 shocks to be the most adjustable and have the most dampening control of all.
QA1 shocks are also totally rebuildable. If the shaft is bent or the seal damaged, they are replaceable. Damaged QA1 shocks returned to Held Motorsports can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Valving can also be changed to tailor the shock to your individual needs. All QA1 shocks are hand assembled to rigid specifications by experienced craftsmen, though they are competitively priced with mass-produced shocks.

The QA1 PROMA STAR has become the shock of choice to the serious performance minded Fiero owner. Proma Star offers external adjustment for quick corrections, to accommodate changing road or track conditions. Only the best quality components are found in every QA1 shock . The 5/8" Nitro-tec piston rod is equal to stainless steel for corrosion resistance and 40% harder than hard chrome. The seal arrangement includes a multi-lip internal seal and external wiper seal to keep the dirt out and the fluid in. The graduated adjuster knob offers a quick reference for shock setting, with 12 different positions that modify both bump and rebound simultaneously. After assembly, shocks are dyno. tested and grouped into matched pairs to assure the customer of a balanced installation.