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One of the quickest, most economical ways of improving Fiero handling is to replace all the O.E.M. rubber bushings with high quality polyurethane. At their best, when new, the rubber suspension pivot bushings are soft and compliant. When loaded, as is the case in hard cornering, the rubber bushings distort allowing the suspension pivot points to move relative to each other. This causes the geometry to change resulting in poor handling. After a short period of time the rubber deteriorates making it difficult to hold alignment specifications and deflection under load is magnified. The Chevette type front suspension found on the early cars, was not designed with high performance in mind but installing polyurethane bushings will help.

While the average driver may not notice such a deterioration in handling under normal conditions, the performance enthusiast will want to upgrade to more resilient urethane. Polyurethane is available to replace all suspension link bushings, control arm bushings, ball joint boots, sway bar bushings, sway bar end link bushings, shock mount bushings and cradle mounts. Installation of any of these components will make noticeable improvements in handling and is highly recommended for cars retaining standard suspension geometry.

F004 ---- '84 - '88 Front Control Arm Poly Kit $68.00
F005 ---- '84 - '87 Rear Control Arm Poly Kit $45.00
F006 ---- '88 Rear Suspension Link Kit $75.00
F007 ---- '84 - '87 Engine Cradle Poly Kit $80.00
F008 ---- '84 - '88 Engine Dog Bone Poly Kit $26.00
F010 ---- Sway Bar End Link & Saddle Kit (All) $45.00
F011 ---- 84/88 F or 84/87 R Tie Rod Boots (2) $6.00
F012 ---- 84 / 87 Rear Ball Joint Boots (2) $6.00
F013 ---- 84 / 88 Front Ball Joint Boots (2) $6.00


Front Sway Bar ( 1 inch diam) with mounting hardware ('84-'87)


Rear Sway Bar ( 7/8 inch diam) with mounting hardware ('84-'87)


Front Sway Bar ( 1 1/4" inch diam) with mounting hardware ('88)


Rear Sway Bar ( 1 inch diam) with mounting hardware ('88)


F010 ---- Sway Bar End Link & Saddle Kit (All years) $45.00

Custom Sway Bar with increased track width and/or diameter with mounting hardware (ALL YEARS)