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This kit allows one to convert the existing standard rear struts to the coil-over system. The conversion can easily be accomplished with ordinary hand tools, average skill and a careful eye. When complete, the rear suspension will be adjustable for ride height and balance and give the added flexibility of spring rate variety. We are available to assist with your selection of spring rate based on your engine, trans, driving style and application. Adjustable ride height allows you to raise or lower your Fiero 2 inches from the factory ride height without a loss of suspension performance. Call or email for more information.
Our coilovers kits may be used with Factory Fiero struts, Monroe, Gabriel, KYB and now KONI rear struts... We are able to exclusively offer the proper components to allow adjustable coilovers to Koni struts.

Kit Includes:
1 pair threaded sleeves
1 pair adjusting nuts
1 pair strut mounting hats
1 pair 2.5" I.D. springs (optional rates )
Hardware Instructions
Available for 1984 through 1988 vehicles.
Part #F001 Coil-over conversion kit for rear struts (84-87) $264.00
Part #F001A Coil-over conversion kit for rear struts
 (88 cradle conversion)
Part #F001B Coil-over conversion kit for rear struts (88 only) $264.00