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Coil-over shocks (Click to learn more on Coil overs) are a natural for the '88. The suspension geometry is far superior to that of the early cars, but it is limited by the absence of a variety of spring rates and shock valving. The coil-over front end kit fills the void and at the same time affords the added advantage of ride height and weight / balance adjustability. When combined with one of the rear coil-over strut assemblies, the suspension system becomes completely adjustable and able to be fine tuned to meet the needs of the driver and the demands of the road.

The original '88 front crossmember is a rugged adaptable part and is retained when installing this kit. The existing upper spring perch will not work with the 2.5" ID.coil-over spring and must be adapted using parts supplied with the kit. NO fabrication is required to accomplish this, it is merely a case of fitting the parts.

The OEM Fiero lower control arm is a fairly substantial piece, though it was not designed to take the pin point pressure forces of a coil-over shock. As we generally try to avoid involving the consumer in modification and fabrication, we decided it was best to develop a purpose built control arm to work with the coil-over kit. In doing this we designed in enough extra space to allow the use of proper length springs which guarantee good suspension travel . This also allows one to use slightly softer springs than would ordinarily be necessary and so the ride comfort is not limited to 'rock hard', though this is certainly an option. The replacement tubular control arms are shipped finished in black powder coat. The pivots are bushed in polyurethane and fitted with grease points for easy lubrication and elimination of the urethane squeak. Standard or aftermarket sway bars designed to work with the factory arms will work with this kit. The factory upper control arms are ordinarily retained, though tubular replacements are available. Ball joints are not supplied with the arms leaving one the option of either reusing the existing ball joints or installing new ones.

Standard equipment includes three-position internally-adjustable shocks, though there are other options including 12 position externally adjustable units. Springs are included in the kit and should be selected (according to driving habits) from the accompanying chart. If this seems confusing we are available to help with spring selection. We can also exchange springs to assist with narrowing down the correct spring for your driving style.

Left and right tubular lower control arms
1 pair coil-over shocks
1 pair 2.5" ID. coil-over springs
1 pair upper spring mount adapters
Polyurethane shock bushings

Different spring rates (See chart below)
12 position externally adjustable QA1 shocks
Tubular upper control arms F031
Other upgrades will work with this system including :
12" brakes for use with 16" and larger wheels
13" brakes for use with 17" and larger wheels
sway bars and drop spindles to further lower your front suspension.
Different powder coat finish colors